Lesley Tough Opponent Gold Lane: Top 5 Heroes to Crush Lesley

Lesley Tough Opponent Gold Lane: Top 5 Heroes to Crush Lesley

Lesley has become a tough opponent in the gold lane of Mobile Legends, a game known for intense fights and strategic skill. Lesley used to be ignored, but now that she can really do damage, she is a danger. But every hero has a weak spot, and Lesley’s is her difficult laning phase. The top five heroes who can beat Lesley’s strength are listed in this guide. Each has their own special abilities that can help you win. Welcome to the world of Mobile Legends! Let’s find the heroes that can beat Lesley in fight.

Lesley Tough Opponent Gold Lane: Clint: The First Threat

Clint, who is good at shooting early in the game, is Lesley’s worst enemy during the laning phase. His Quick Draw skill does a lot of damage, which freezes the lane and keeps Lesley away. Watch out for crowd-control roamers and get help if you need it. Don’t forget that stopping Lesley’s snowball early is important, because Clint might have trouble beating her late in the game.

Lesley Tough Opponent Gold Lane: Popol and Kupa: The Pair

It’s bad news for Lesley that the Popol and Kupa are skilled together. They can put the Deadly Sniper in her place with force, movement, and crowd control. Blade of Despair will give you a boost, and Sprint can help you fight her and catch her. Keep an eye out for traps and save one for Lesley if you face her alone.

Lesley Tough Opponent Gold Lane: Brody: Threat of Burst Damage

Lesley has a hard time beating Brody in the gold lane because of his quick damage. Call up Abyss Impact and Corrosive Strike to close the gap. Then use Torn-Apart Memory to kill her. If you need to, build defense by putting Blade Mail or Wind of Nature ahead of Blade of Despair.

Lolita is a ranged attack blocker.

The Guardian’s Bulwark on Lolita makes her a strong opponent for Lesley because it blocks ranged strikes and skill projectiles. Plan how to use Guardian’s Bulwark to protect yourself and your team during team fights. Charge Lesley to stun her, and then use Noumenon Blast to take control of her. Buy physical defense gear like Blade Armor to lessen the damage she does.

Lancelot: The Quick Killer

Lancelot can easily get rid of Lesley because he is mobile and deals a lot of damage in a burst. Puncture can close the gap, Thorned Rose does damage, and Phantom Execution kills her. For the most damage, make things like Blade of the Heptaseas and Hunter Strike. If Lancelot isn’t available, Natalia and Saber could be used instead.

In Mobile Legends, where the arena is always changing, beating Lesley takes smart hero choices. Each of these heroes has their own set of skills and strategies that can be used against Lesley’s powers and to her advantage when she is weak. To beat Lesley on the battlefield, you must make smart VTBET choices. Clint is strong early on, Popol and Kupa are a dynamic team. Brody does a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Lolita blocks ranged attacks and Lancelot is a quick assassin.