PUBG Mobile Regional Clash: PMRC Season 2 is Here!

PUBG Mobile Regional Clash: PMRC Season 2 is Here!

Hey PUBG Mobile fans! Get ready for some intense battles because the PUBG Mobile Regional Clash (PMRC) is back with its second season, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. From June to October, teams from six regions will face off in four action-packed clashes, bringing you non-stop gaming excitement.

PUBG Mobile Regional Clash: Growing Popularity of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has been gaining popularity worldwide, and events like PMRC contribute to the game’s growing success. The tournament’s second edition coincides with the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI), promising fans double the fun and thrilling moments.

PUBG Mobile Regional Clash: New Regional Point System for Intense Competition

The PMRC introduces a new regional point system that will bring out the best in each region and its players. Eight squads from PUBG Mobile Super League Southeast Asia, South Asia Championship, PUBG Mobile Pro League Middle East & North Africa Championship, European Championship, PUBG Mobile Pro League Europe, PUBG Mobile Pro League Africa, and a special invite from the Peacekeeper Elite League will compete fiercely.

PUBG Mobile Regional Clash: Dates and Matchups

Here are the dates and matchups for the four clashes:

  1. Southeast Asia vs. South Asia (June 29 – July 2)
    • Top 8 teams of PMSL SEA vs. Top 8 teams of SA Championship.
  2. Middle East & North Africa vs. Europe (July 20 – July 23)
    • Top 8 teams of PMPL MENA Championship 2023 vs. Top 8 teams of European Championship.
  3. Europe vs. Africa (August 10 – August 13)
    • Top 8 teams of PMPL Europe vs. Top 8 teams of PMPL Africa.
  4. Peacekeeper Elite League vs. Southeast Asia (October 20 – October 22)
    • Top 8 teams of PEL Summer vs. Top 8 teams of PMSL SEA.

Excitement from PUBG MOBILE Global Esports Director

James Yang, Director of PUBG MOBILE Global Esports, is pumped up about the upcoming PMRC. He said, “This year has been off to a great start for the competitive PUBG MOBILE scene, and there’s still plenty to come! We’re very excited to announce the second installment of the PMRC, giving fans the opportunity to see how each region’s playstyle and tactics match up against each other.”

Double Delight for PUBG Fans

With PMRC and PMWI on the horizon, PUBG fans are in for a treat. The battles will showcase teams’ strategies and skills, providing fans with a thrilling ride as they cheer for their favorite teams aiming for that coveted ‘Chicken Dinner.’

So mark your calendars, grab your snacks, and get ready to witness the epic showdowns of PMRC Season 2 with BETSLOT. It’s time to see which region emerges victorious in the heart-pounding world of PUBG Mobile!